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We have 6 phases: Exploration, Planning, Content, Design, Develop, Launch. 1. Exploration: Most of our customers live in other cities or in other countries. So, it is easier to start with a phone call or email describing your project, your goals, your industry and your business. We will provide you with a questionnaire to fill out to gather the necessary information to complete your project. After your goals are clarified, we will provide a contract/proposal and detailed project timeline. 2. Planning: the planning stage first reinforces what you the client wants, your overall objectives, the purpose of your project, your audience, and the features you require. 3. Content: At this stage, we will collect from you or we will create text, photos, videos, graphics, testimonials, reviews, etc... 4. Design: during the design/programming phase, you will be presented with a design concept for you to review before we proceed 5. Develop: after you approve the design/project is approved, we move into implementation. 6. Launch: before we launch, we test and retest your project.
We require a 100% of the project quote on all work. We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. After the initial completion phase, your project will be tested, retested, approved by you and scheduled for launch.
We primarily work with small to medium sized businesses but at times take on bigger projects. One of our smallest clients was a food truck. As you can see, we do not discriminate and accept all types of clients. It does not matter how small of a business you have, you are not small to us. For example, we had an artist who needed help to sell his sculptures and paintings. We created an e-commerce website (online store) for him. We included an automated customer service to his website which assisted market his products, and attracted customers.

This depends on the complexity of the project and you the customer. An app or software application most likely will be more complicated than designing a flyer or restaurant menu. Also, you the customer may want to edit some of your contents or update information. Therefore, a project can take 1 week to 6 months depending on complexity.
We have set prices for all of our digital marketing products depending on design and quantity requested. We also have set prices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We do not have set prices for Web Design, Web Development, PHP projects, Mobile Applications and Business Software. The reason for this is because each project vary depending on complexity and your needs. It is best to contact us and provide us with details on what kind of a project you want to accomplish.
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